Whats the big deal about a resume? ….Its kinda….a really big deal

A well written résumé is your personal marketing plan. It’s the short commercial that tells an employer what you have to offer. When executed properly, a resume explicitly conveys how your skills, experience, and achievements match the requirements and needs of a position. PEA Consultants offers a Resume Modification Service that accurately articulates your skill, resulting in employers who are intrigued and want to meet you.

Need assistance drafting a job cover letter? We can help. A resume cover letter is the preview to an excellent resume. Often times, employers do not bother reading resumes unless the cover letters convince them otherwise. Cover letters make a big difference in a big decision.

Whatever your needs are Pearl E. Administrative Consultants can help your experience and capability shine through.

Are You Getting The Best Out Of Your Website Content?

Creating the perfect SEO induced content for your website is not as easy a task as one would first imagine. You sit, pen and paper in hand (or lap top/tablet) and you draw a blank. You know what you want your website to say but you’re at a loss on how to say it. You think and think; yet the words to express your immediate thoughts escape you. You need assistance. Find out how we’ve helped other businesses create the most effective SEO Content for their new or renovated websites.

The Copywriters’ Parable

Imagine this, twenty-five years ago two individuals graduate from the same college. They were very much alike. Both were above average students, both were personable and both – as young college graduates – were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Fast forward to their 25th College Reunion. They are still very much alike. Both are happily married. Both have three children. And both went to work for the same manufacturing company after graduation, and are still employees with this company.

But there was a difference. One of these individuals was the manager of a small department of that company. The other was its president.

Why The Difference?

The difference between the two is a distinguished ability to properly convey their wants, needs and knowledge on any particular subject. The ability to persuade and convince their audience that what they have to offer or their method of accomplishing a specific task is the “end all be all” of everything. Winners possess a keen ability to close any deal with a quip from their lip. The correlation of the parable to the entrepreneur is being the business that possesses the ability to market their talents in a way that produces favorable results. We offer our clients that ability!!!

What You Need In The Perfect SEO Copywriter

Modern times implode with information. For any given service there are 100s of other prospects willing and ready to provide the same service. The difference between them and you is the copy writing published in your marketing materials and on your website. Contact Pearl E. Administrative Consultants, a copy writing service with the knowledge and expertise to comprehend your mission and turn it into marketable content that will lure prospective clients.

Pearl E. Administrative Consultants – The SEO Copy writing Service For You!!

Pearl E. Administrative Consultants is the company you need for effective copy writing. As a copywriters we offer this advice: You are looking for a writing service that can offer a Headline that grabs the attention of prospects by making a promise, stating a fact and asking a question. This will get you (or the product) noticed. The writer must create Leads that deliver on the promises of the Headline and introduce the product at hand. A proper close will bring each aspect of the content together. Your copywriter must establish your credibility as a company, while also making the reader believe you have something they want and need, something that will benefit them, and something that is selling fast (gimmicks). Pearl E. Administrative Consultants is the company you need for effective copy writing. Contact us today and speak with a content specialist for more information on how we can help you! We look forward to servicing you.

We offer the following SEO Copy writing Services:

Website Content Writing Services

Pearl E. Administrative Consultants offers website content writing services whereby the content of each page of your website is outlined and catered to your area of expertise. A Website Content Specialist will study you and your services; brainstorm on modern, yet practical ideals for your page then draft an outline of content for your review and suggestions.

SEO Article Writing Services

The use of articles and blogs within a website serves two purposes; (1) to provide interesting ever-changing content, which increases overall traffic and awareness for your products, services or industry; and (2) provides SEO content that helps optimize web page copy by targeting keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities for search engines. Frequently updated articles or blogs are an innovative (and less expensive) alternative to frequently changing your web page content.

Sales Page Writing Services

Our highly experienced writers provide effective sales copy that is as original as it is captivating. Persuasive landing pages ensure that you, the client, get the sales you need to build your company and customer base.

Product Review Writing Services

Product reviews are required to appeal to perspective consumers. The review must establish your credibility as a company, while also enticing need within the consumer believing you have something they want, something that will benefit them, and something they cannot live without. Our copywriters entice this desire in promising consumers.

Live and Virtual Support through Freelance Writing and Administrative Consultation